The Dog Walk - Sven Nordqvist

The Dog Walk - Sven Nordqvist

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It's time for Grandma's dog to go for a walk. The eager pooch tugs the boy's hand, excited to get going. But where will they end up?

This is a dog walk like no other—through amazing fairytale worlds, paintings come to life, Escher-inspired castles, an intricately cluttered antique shop, and past countless delights: walking teapots, miniature steamboats, giant hedgehogs, and islands with sails.

This fantastical story of a dog and a boy is told simply through weird, whimsical and often hilarious illustrations - not words! Children will pore over each page, delighting in the incredible details. Each reading will bring fresh discoveries and new twists to the tale.

Sven Nordqvist—the beloved Swedish children's author and illustrator of Findus the Cat—unleashes his endlessly inventive talent in this funny and satisfying wordless book. Walking the dog will never feel the same again.

(Ages 3 to 7 years)